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Mediacube financial plan for 2023-2026

Mediacube experts have compiled a financial plan until 2026 — and these are exactly the numbers we will strive for. With our business model, we were able to show growth even in the most difficult times, so even with modest estimates, we can talk about a further increase in key indicators.

To begin with, let's take a look at the general dynamics in terms of turnover: while in 2022 it was $69M we plan to close 2023 with an indicator of $134M, which is almost 2 times more. We expect that in 2024 the trade turnover will be $204M, $284M in 2025, and $378M in 2026, almost three times higher than the current level.

Meanwhile, revenue will grow at the following rates. While we completed 2022 with an indicator of $6.9M, we plan to reach $10.4M by the end of 2023. Further expected growth by year: $14M in 2024, $18.9M in 2025, and $24.2M in 2026, again, more than twice the current level.

We plan to continue developing the fintech area — the MC Pay app — and gradually redistribute the source of our income from YouTube contracts in favor of financial services. What does it look like now and what do we expect in the future?

In 2022, we earned $4.3M from revenue share, while fintech brought us $1.5M. We expect that these figures will equalize as soon as in 2024 and will be at the level of $6.2M from revenue share and $6.1M from fintech. By 2026, financial services should take the lead in terms of profit and gain $11.3M against $9.6M from the revenue share.

Such growth will be difficult to ensure without an increase in staff, so by 2026 we expect that 350 people will work with us against the current 225. Accordingly, OPEX will grow. While in 2022 this figure was $4.3M, it should rise to $9.2M by 2026.

Accordingly, growth is also expected in terms of EBITDA. In 2022, it was $2.2M (32.11%), and the plan for 2023 is $3.4M (32.76%). We expect that EBITDA will gradually rise by about 3% per year starting from 2024, so we plan to reach $4.9M (35.23%) by its end, $7.2M (38.39%) in 2025, and $10.1M (41.62%) in 2026.

Mediacube is a steadily growing company and a reliable partner. Our statistics are growing from year to year, and the current business development model allows us to be more flexible and lay the foundation for a completely new approach to the Creator Economy. Our development is your profit!