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Mediacube received a payment institution license in Canada!

We are proud to announce another great news: our company has taken another step towards becoming a full-fledged financial system. Mediacube has received a Money Service Business license in Canada, and this opens up unprecedented opportunities for us! What will this change for us and our users?
For Mediacube: previously we needed to contact providers to make payments, and now we become the provider. This also gives us the opportunity to introduce a new product — “Mass Payouts”. Now any company that makes payouts to its partners will be able to contact us and use our MC Pay system for this!

Our clients from Europe, South and North America will have the opportunity to:

  • create payment accounts right inside the MC Pay system;
  • transfer money to each other without restrictions;
  • and most importantly, receive payouts from more vendors who will connect to us within our new product, Mass Payouts!

And the most important thing is that creators will be able to use MC Pay as a full-fledged account, into which money can be received from any of the platforms, including Affiliate programs or donation services.

This is a huge step forward for us, thanks to which we will be able to reach a new level of service provision and will continue to work to improve payment services!